Facility Management

KUD’s Facility Management Services encompass multiple disciplines that ensure the functionality of a built environment by integrating people, place, processes and technology. Facility Management Services increase value for stakeholders by increasing revenue, reducing risk, enhancing image, and reducing the cost of maintenance. These services cover all types of buildings, including industrial, commercial, institutional, etc. KUD’s Facility Management Services are extremely varied and cover planning, implementation and supervision of following scope of services.

  • Preventive & Corrective Maintenance
  • Housekeeping and Security
  • Health, Safety & Environmental issues
  • Fire drill and evacuation
  • Recommend and implement maintenance system software
  • Prepare responsibility matrix for all stakeholders.
  • Identify and advise client about requirements for licensed contractors.
  • Develop Facility Management Manual that describes the responsibilities, policies and procedures for Facility Management
  • Produce monthly, quarterly and annual reports that highlight and include project executive summaries, activities, project team performance, project planning and control, and updated performance evaluation reports, with recommendations.