Design Management

Design management is a crucial tool to achieve client goals and objectives efficiently and effectively. Our DM team includes AIA members, registered professionals with international exposure and diversified knowledge in all areas of design. 

Following services are samples of what we can offer to our clients:

  • Work with the client to achieve the balance between the dream and reality and establish feasible and achievable goals.
  • Assist client on the selection of Design Consultant(s) based on project and client requirements.
  • Work with the client and selected consultant(s) to define scope, space program, code requirements, etc.
  • Advice client on the latest technologies, material, standards and codes recommended for the project.
  • Ensure that the design intent developed during concept phase is maintained through all phases of design and design production.
  • Participate in all design presentations and workshop to provide guidance on keeping design within the time and cost constraints.
  • Manage VALUE ENGINEERING workshops at the end of major design phases to achieve the best value for money.
  • Ensure that design is conducted in an orderly and timely manner in accordance with the master plan schedule.
  • Review design deliverable in all design phases for accuracy, completeness, compliance with applicable codes, constructability and profitability.
  • Ensure that all design disciplines are coordinated and 
  • Ensure that design packages are submitted on time to relevant approving authorities in compliance with project schedule.